Bound2Explore – Episode 1 – Kgalagadi

The Kgalagadi, a place of wonder! It is one of those places in South Africa (on the border of Botswana and Namibia) that truly still is remote and lets you think back to what “Africa” was like when it was still wild and free! We tried to capture some elements of this on our recent journey there…

Zane’s Section

We go to amazing places and we are very fortunate to experience true adventure along the way. We will try and capture these moments and share it with you in this blog. Hopefully we can give you some pointers on what to do and what not to do when you travel to these places.

My highlight of this trip, spotting that young Leopard walking care free through the bush veld.

Carmen’s Section

So we got kicked out of Kieliekrankie (Wilderness Camp) because we have a child under the age of 12.. so back to Tweerevieren we went, to our disappointment we had to stay in the standby chalet overlooking the petrol station! Not recommended! We love to camp and staying in chalets is usually out of the question especially in a remote place like the Kgalagadi. But we kinda scored free accommodation from my parents, not able to make their trip. To our surprise we climatised quite quickly to the 35˚ – 40˚ average a day with swimming pools at all major rest camps and a Engel fridge full of cold Darling Brew. We’ve visited the Kalahari so many times as children for family Christmas on my Aunts farm near VanZylsrus, so to be able to share this magical place with Lukas is priceless. My highlight definitely – the jackal calls at night around the fire. Till next time.

Lukas se gedeelte

Om saam met my te reis, moet ons gereeld stop sodat ek kan speel en rond hardloop, dit lyk nie asof Mamma en Pappa regtig n probleem daarmee het nie want hulle sit net en Koffie drink. Ek verstaan nie hoekom ons so lank moet stil sit by die Katjies en Leeus nie. Ek sal baie graag eeder wil buite speel!

Traveling with kids can be a huge challenge. It is fair to say that Lukas has made the car seat his number one enemy in life! Our number one rule: When Lukas sleeps we “put foot”! It was amazing to see how he noticed the animals and enjoyed the outdoor life. This was his first time swimming and actually smiling and enjoying it (probably got something to do with the heat).


Fast Facts:

  • In Loxton stop at “Die Rooi Granaat” for some homemade Karoo Tanie Melktert.
  • In Carnarvron DO NOT sleep in the Hotel, rather spoil yourself at the Lord Carnarvron Guesthouse.
  • The road between Van Zylsrus and Askham is badly corrugated, this is where our Aircon decided to through in the towel.
  • If you can don’t stay at Tweerivieren (main camp in Kgalagadi) it’s over crowded and you don’t get the remote feeling! Rather (if you have a passport) go for Rooiputs (Botswana Campsite)
  • The Wilderness camps do not allow kids under 12 so we could not experience them, but they look fantastic.
  • Mata Mata is a great camp with nice chalets and campsites
  • Nossob is the furthest campsite, but you will see plenty of wild life on your drive there!
  • Winter is the best time of year to travel there. We experienced some serious heat waves!